I’m an author for Hodder Education  http://hoddereducation.co.uk/Dynamic-Pages/Search-Results.aspx?keyword=Lorraine%20abbott as well as being Head of RE at a CofE secondary School. In addition to this I am in charge of chaplaincy at the school.





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  1. Bethany Rose Woollacott says:

    I am a student at Royal Holloway University of London currently studying a BSc degree in Mathematics and recently I took part in an internship with George Abbot. I was lucky enough to be given a session on Growth Mindset on the 24th of June which I found to be incredibly engaging as it is something which I have always had an interest in-especially in my field of study.
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you on here but I am the president of the Teach First Society at my University. You might’ve heard of the TF Charity but as well as fundraising for their efforts we also work as an education society in supporting prospective teachers of Royal Holloway to fulfill a career in teaching. As a new programme for this academic year, I am hoping that we might be able to get professionals such as yourself to come and give a lecture similar to the one which I received at George Abbot. Something which was especially prevalent during my internship was the importance of knowledge about the way students learn and not just what we are trying to teach them. If I can help the new generation of teachers from RHUL to recognise this as well then I hope we might be able to make some positive difference to teaching in schools and encourage those who might not be sure if teaching really is for them.
    We are a small society but we will be happy to refund travel expenses and meet any other costs which such a brilliant visit for our members will require.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Many thanks, Bethany Woollacott

    • Hi Bethany. Id be more than happy to come and deliver a growth mindset lecture at The Royal Holloway. If you could cover my expenses (train fare) that would be great. Ideally it would be helpful to me to have a proposed date asap, along with an idea of how long Id have to deliver the content in and to what size group.

      Looking forward to hearing back from you. Please email me at Lat@priorycofe.com



  2. Lorraine, I’ve read your blog. I’m absolutely delighted to hear of your distinguished career. Your books look awesome – just what RE kids need. You have my admiration. All the best, Adrian

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