New Year’s Resolution

So my new year resolution is to try and engage my students more in their own learning process. My simple attempt to achieve this is ironically with the introduction of lesson resolutions. Basically every lesson the students are being asked to write the sub heading ‘Lesson Resloution’ (soon to be shortened to ‘LR’!) and they then have to write what they will focus on in my lesson.

Now this is not a revolutionary idea its just a different way for me to incorporate into my own teaching. The students have been told that their resolution can be taken from any of the following areas;

– Behaviour for learning
– Quality of presentation

Except of course when I have provided formal feedback from the previous lesson whereby that feedback should then inform their resolution.

At the end of the lessons I sometimes get the students to assess whether they have met their resolution but I always review it in my marking. I highlight in yellow any resolution which I think has been met and I highlight in pink any resolution which has not been fully achieved.

In the next lesson resolutions highlighted in pink have to be used again BUT the students have to offer a strategy for how they will achieve it this time. Repeated pink highlighting from me will indicate a learning need that I will then need to address, perhaps on a one to one basis or with contact home.

I am hoping that the langauage and expectations of pupils will become more demanding and complex as they make steps on the simple things and become equipped with the language of learning as we reflect on our resolutions.


About Learning to Teach Lorraine Abbott

Deputy Headteacher in a Surrey School Author for Hodder Education
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